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again I appoligize for the delay.. I am going to start working on them tonight. I should get them out next week sometime "I hope" . As in the past I feel it is important for me to keep in touch with you and to keep you updated.
Another note to everyone . the scrap pile is getting smaller and my choises of things that look like I can make them into full acid tanks are getting fewer. their are only so many long narrow things their and "they" threw out TUNS of stuff reciantly. I am not saying their are no more but I have to realy dig now. basicaly I find something that is close and do whatever I need to get it so you can cook your parts in it. not allways super prety but works good and cheap too.
reciever tanks, small parts tanks , 1919 reciever tanks, other small to med size tanks, to your dimentions easy.
It was nice to park my barrel extention, I have blasted and parked a few tools for the F.D. so I have a bunch of sizes here at home.
I used a stainless cooking pot that belonged to my wife and tha acid cut pits in it ,,,, OH BOY she was not happy, I tried to tell her it was because it was poor stainless but that did not make her feel any better.
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