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Hadar build

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I have a Hadar II stock coming. Now I have to figure out what to do with it...

The Hadars used milled Galil receivers, angled up in the front. As far as I can tell they were all in .308.

I'll be doing a scratchbuilt sheet metal receiver. Various Valmet models (Galils were licensed Valmets) used stamped receivers. I posted pictures of several of them on the general AK subforum. I'll use .060/.062 4130 stock and thin a spare Romanian trunnion to match, like the thick-receiver Norincos.

Somewhere I saw a picture of a stamped Valmet that showed the weld; they just bent the sides, cut a V, bent the angle, welded, then bent and trimmed the top rails, apparently. With fancy dies they could have just stamped it bent and done the top rails on the next top. Load across the weld is compression due to recoil, so it shouldn't hurt. Lots of .060 thick milled rewelds out there working just fine, too.

I need to see if I can find some of those flat, low-profile rivets some AK variants used. I'll have to clearance the stock to clear the rivets.

I'll probably dispense with the iron sights entirely and used a top cover mounted scope. A side rail won't clear the Hadar stock.

So, I expect to have a nice targetty-looking rifle with a wood stock. Now I'm wavering about what cartridge. .300 Savage or 6.5 Grendel look good so far...


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Hmm, looks like has 6.5 Grendel reamers. The ballistics look nice for an x39-length cartridge. Now to keep an eye out for a reasonably-priced 6.5 barrel. has 12x12" sheets of .063 4130 for $15.33+shipping.

I just realized the Hadar probably uses a slant-cut receiver since it's a Galil inside. I'll have to make a rear trunnion to fit.
Hello TRX,
That is a very novel project !!!
The FSGB may be a bit of a challenge.
Optics and a can would be very special looking as well as functional.

I think I'm going to just use an ordinary vertical gas block and forego the iron sights entirely. I know those $19.95 top covers with the scope mounts are probably flimsy, but I figured I'd give one of those a try before looking for a "Hunter" style cover.
check out air craft spruce for metal i have a bunch of flat material from them. maybe a galil gas tube. were did you find the stock??? id like to have one myself.

I can do a 300 SAV chamber if you need one.

I hav ealways liked those. I have a wood sagia 308 stock and a 12 guafe wood fore grip to playu with but would love to do a Super Vepr clone.
were did you find the stock??? id like to have one myself.
One of the guys on another forum had it. He had converted the rifle into a Galil. I asked if he still had the Hadar bits left over and he made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

Considering a Galil's value is considerably higher than a Hadar, I can sort of understand... except it would only make sense if you bought the gun to resell in the first place.

Since my wife insists the Hadar is hers, I'm faced with the problem of acquiring a second stock. There's a bozo spamming various fora with ads for his "spectacular" stock duplicator for only $1200; it looks like I could duplicate the thing for under $50, maybe less depending on what I can scrounge up in the shop. It would still require sanding and final inletting, but I could deal with that. ("Dammit Jim, I'm a machinist, not a woodcarver!")

*If* this comes about, bearing in mind the number of unfinished projects I have on the list, I'll happily make a few extras.

If you know anyone who has a stock duplicator and doesn't want an arm and a leg to use it, I'd be even happier to just send it on to them, though.

As a fallback, has their "Tac-Driver" stock for $139. Their web site only shows it with a Ruger 10/22 action, and you have to dig a bit before you find they offer that style with any action or in any laminate, and they also offer it mirror-imaged to left hand. They're extra-cost options, but not expensive. The bottom picture is the color I like, called "Electric Blue." They also do ordinary Claro walnut or subdued laminates.

What got me to thinking about that was the realization that the big sheet metal AK box really isn't that big compared to some of the long bolt actions, and an AK receiver at 1-1/4 inches wide is actually narrower than most. I need to call them and see how wide their receivers are. It might be possible to inlet an AK action directly into one of those.


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IMOO the sporting versions of the AK variants will be the ones collectabke and worth the big money some day because tere all being bubad into assult clones. the guns that become collectable are the ones that are rare and unmolested.

I feel there needs to be more sporting variants being imported. the full stock super vepr's are some of the most elegant AK variants out there and some idiot will detroy them with a $5 pistol grip and a bunch of mall ninja crap to make it look look like one of 80 million assullt style weapons already out there.

one of those stocks on a mosin build would be cool LOL

here is the start of my heavy flutted barrel californa legal 300 savage. or possable a 243 havent decided yet. LOL


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one of those stocks on a mosin build would be cool LOL
Uuhhh... you can get it inlet for the Mosin at no extra charge. I've never dealt with the company before, but I plan to.
Anyone have a line on an inexpensive 6.5mm barrel? Chambering doesn't matter, as long as the barrel is long enough I can shorten and rechamber it.
Id get one from midway for around $80 thats what we used for the 6.5 grendal VZ 58 he reports it shoots really good. there are some on numrich like HC used for the sweede but I think the Midway was a good choice and its unmolested. If you do find a source thats better PM me. I spent a few days back when looking at options before going with Midway.

That haydar would look even cooler with a 260 remington built on a 308 saiga. thats what Id do with it.

one of those stocks inletted for a mosin might be just the ticket Im thinking real hard about getting one. If you could get them to inlet it for a AK reciver or just leave it un cut thensome really cool sporting AKs could be built. Id like one for the 17 fire ball Im thinking about.
Yeah like 1biggun said the 6.5 barrel blank I got at Midway shoots like a dream. I'll give alot of credit to 1biggun though, he did an awesome job turning it down and chambering it. I forget which contour I ordered, but it was an Adams and Bennett blank. I'll tell ya, it was well worth the 80 bucks.
If you could get them to inlet it for a AK reciver or just leave it un cut thensome really cool sporting AKs could be built.
I emailed them about it a couple of days ago, no reply yet. I'd give it a better than 50/50 chance - at 1.3" wide, the AK receiver is narrower than some of the big magnum bolt actions, some of which are about as long and quite square on the bottom.
Hadar is here!

The stock showed up today. I was expecting "used stock". This thing is close enough to perfect, if it was on a gun I was buying brand new, I wouldn't feel I could justifiably complain. No dirt, no oil, the screws and hardware all look brand new. There are a couple of marks in the wood near the ejection port area which might be where some brass touched the wood when it was fired. Like I could complain...

It's very straight grained wood, not particularly heavy, apparently stained a walnut color since the inside wood is substantially lighter in color. The pistol grip and stock top are asymmetrically formed to favor a right-handed shooter, of course.

The inlet is for the slant cut Galil receiver. There's a cutout for the grip screw nut, which is used with a standard-looking grip screw. There's a second, much larger screw coming straight through the back into the back of the rear of the receiver. I'll need to use a pistol-type trunnion, reach through with something to mark the spot, and then drill and tap.

The back of the inlet area is squared. I was hoping for that; it's a lot simpler than trying to match the semi-conical back of a milled Galil. I'll measure the angle and make sure the new receiver matches it.

There's a hole in the bottom of the stock near the front of the receiver. There was either a tapped hole in the receiver or one in a barrel band; the screw held the front of the receiver down in the stock.

There's a strip of what looks like hot-melt glue under the front of the receiver, and a bigger chunk at the very back, filling in the area where the Galil's rounded rear doesn't contact the square hole. I'm guessing this was to help steady the receiver so the screws weren't the only thing keeping the parts from moving around.

The barrel channel is large, and it appears the barrel was fully floated - there's no sign anything ever touched the channel, anyway.

I'll put some pictures up in a day or so.
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I have a wood sagia 308 stock and a 12 guage wood fore grip to play with
Feh. I guess I'm really behind the curve on Saigas, I didn't realize any came with wood. All the ones I can recall pictures of were plastic.
There are some. the foregrip came from Chipmechanic and the stock i found on ebay of all places. the fore grip is fore a 12 guage and i dont think any guns came in that way but there is a place selling the stock sets.

this will give me a large barrel to fit a large barrel in Ill flute it to get the weight down. i may take this to California on my next trip out to see my parents and do some hunting. Im going to use the trigger set up that uses the extra hole instead of the total crap trigger on the 308.

id like one of those hadar stocks to play with.

there are some deals on the stock sight in the close out and blem sections. I might try one and have it not inleted and cut it my self for a AK. I will want a push button saftey. im ordering a stock from them for a mosin and see how they are.
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Here are some lousy pictures. They're still detailed enough to see a lot if you click for the bigger image, though.

The inletting is close; there are milled channels for the axis pins to drop down, and a groove around the left side for clearance for the bottom of the top cover. The right side it cut away for clearance for the, uh, I guess it's not a safety on a Galil. Slot for the Galil safety to drop through.

Note the bridge at the end of the barrel channel. Probably reinforces the end of the stock. You can see the edge of a piece of metal; that's a T-plate that looks a lot like a grip nut, put there to hold a front sling swivel.

It doesn't show up well in the pictures, but the grip and stock are offset and sculptured for right handed shooters. It's amazingly comfortable to hold, unlike the Chinese thumbhole stocks I've held.

The bottom is opened up for the AK trigger group and magazine.


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The rest of the pictures. I wish I could lay my hands on three or four more of these things...

If you build your own, it looks like you can do almost all the receiver inletting with an 1/2" end mill in a mini-mill.


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I had planned on building a receiver from scratch - bend the bottom, cut two Vs, bend, weld, bend the top rails, trim.

Digging through my AK pictures this morning, I found the pictures below. This way looks easier, plus since the bottom of the receiver is largely broken by the magwell, almost no load would go across the welds, which would be about half again as long as cutting the sides.

[searching] Looks like has .064 non-bulged 80% receivers on sale for $36. Top rails already bent. I guess I needed to order some metric reamers anyway. Not having to make a fixture to bend the top rail will speed things up.

"I love it when a plan comes together."

[note] the reason I want a 1.6mm receiver is that's the same thickness as the milled receiver the Hadar originally used. Since the Hadar stock has a front mount, I thought a 1mm receiver might flex enough to crack the stock on firing. Flex doesn't matter on a normal AK since there's no conventional stock.


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I didn't take any measurements when I had a 308 Galil but I think the 308 Valmet and 308 Yugo AK have the magazine cut forward and the rear sits in the normal AK position. I think the 308 Galil might have the trigger guard or at least the magazine moved back. I don't know if the axis pins holes are in the same positions but that might explain why the select fire 308 Galil doesn't have the normal AK auto sear. The magazine is moved back where it would be.
as I recall the 308 Galil has the magwell moved back and the trigger guatd scrunched up but the FGC is in a standard location.

i wouldnt worry anout the reciver thickness a .045 will be fine. a lug added to the front of it and inleted into the stock would not hurt however to take the stain off the stock
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