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Hadar II

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It might be old hat to you guys, but it's new to me: the IMI Hadar II, circa 1989: A full-wooden-stock AK in .308! Arms - 1989 Brochure.pdf (3/4 of the way down)

Found a comment that said it took a 4-round "sporter" mag or ordinary .308 Galil mags.

Pictures of a variant:

Galil 7.62 x 51mm HadarII

One someone "California-ized:"

Galil Hadar, MR73 Manurhins, Polish Eagle Radom, Rare Old Colts, SIG P210-4 "Kuba" -

Apparently they were cheap 10 years or so ago. Googling around, I found a bunch of people talking about converting them into standard AK configuration. I don't know what those butchers did with the stocks, one would sure look nice on my Beowulf build!

I didn't find any Hadar stocks for sale anywhere. I guess I'll add one to my "keep an eye out for" list.

The bottom picture is a Molot Hunter in .30-06, according to the caption.

[edit] The Molot looks much like a Super Vepr, except the Vepr stock is cut away by the trigger for a crossbolt safety. The Molot isn't.


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It looks like IMI simply deleted the selector/dust cover on the right and used the Galil left-side safety.

The giant rabbit ears on the top cover in the top pictures look like the ones on the Micro-Galil top cover I have. They're the same shape as the regular ears, but much larger.

The Hadar presumably has at least a 16" barrel since these pictures are of US imports, but the gun *looks* short. I like that.

Note the Molot has the usual AK rear sight block, while the Hadar is smooth on top, since it's a Valmet/Galil/R4 variant. I also like the way it's cut away for a side scope mount. Unfortunately the right-handed Monte Carlo stock wouldn't do me much good.
I havent seen of those for years. Damn they were ugly.
They did a quite good job at "de-scary-fying" them. Actually look like hunting rifles. Why doesn't magnum research import some galils?
They did a quite good job at "de-scary-fying" them. Actually look like hunting rifles. Why doesn't magnum research import some galils?

Are they still making them? I thought once Israel got bought out by Uncle Sugar and started using M16's that they stopped building Galils.
No idea. Just assuming they do since they still make desert eagles [or are those made here now?]
Somebody claimed they were originally for market in another country. I don't know if that's accurate. Also I don't know if they were rejected, which I think was also claimed, or if they came to the US just as a hunting model. Other rifles at the time were also imported as hunting versions. I think somebody claimed they were originally designed for Germany. Also 1989 was the year of the first import ban but these had top be designed before the ban I would think. New Zealand had magazine and thumbhole stocks required before the US. I'm not sure how "Germany" fits into this rifle design.
I remember seeing those advertized or maybe it was a write up in a gun mag years ago. I beleive I may have also seen one or two at a gun show around the same time. Hey,TRX, I beleive thats the topcover in the first two pics you and blue bought from me awhile back.
I had one of those bad boys around 90ish, Picked it up cheap at my local FFL I remember I traded it in for a chinese RPK at the time thinking it was a better deal. Long time since I've seen one of those.
Hey,TRX, I beleive thats the topcover in the first two pics you and blue bought from me awhile back.
Look again! The whole back of the Hadar top cover is squared off to hold the sight. The squared section looks to be larger than the Micro Galil cover I got from you.

Lack of resolution makes it hard to tell for sure, but it looks like the bolt handle is round and tilted up slightly.

I'd sure like to get a good look at the FSB/GB combo on that thing.

Says the barrel length is 18.5", overal length 33.4", unloaded weight 10.3 pounds. The stock is supposed to be walnut.

From the picture, that sure doesn't look like an 18.5" barrel, and that must be some really dense walnut...

I found a couple of pictures from a gunbroker auction. (attached)

Someone on said only 1000 were made in a 2-year run.

I don't care what says about the "Planet of the Apes" rifles being Hadar prototypes. The magwell is too short and fat, for one thing. If they're based on anything real, I'd bet on M1 Carbine bits.

Apparently the Hadars *did* have round bolt handles, tilted up slightly, according to a thread on

Some scattered Hadar information in this thread:

The FAL Files Forums - Anyone own a .308 GALIL?

Interestingly, I found several mentions of the Hadar as a bullpup. I guess it would look that way if you saw one without the magazine.


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I managed to score a Hadar II stock. It lasted about three minutes before my wife decided it was hers.


Well, at least she likes AKs.

Hmm, might be an interesting build in 5,45x39...
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