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I just got back and all I can say is WOW. I maen a big WOW. They opened up with the quad 50 to start. propain cylinders flying and flameing. I was their early enough to get in and shoot without much delay. I was at the second booth from the left. I was pretty much under an ammo can for the quod when I shot the m60. I also shot a 1918 a greas gun, the m2 50bmg an entire belt of the 50bmg. and a couple others that I did not ask their names. the line was getting so long I decided to do everything I wanted then because it would be a long time before I got the front of the line again. When I was half done a van started burning so the shooting stopped. this worked out great for me because I got to stay inside the restricted area and look around and ask questions too.
I figured this would be a great time to ask questions so I learned as much as I could. I now have a head space meathod I never tyied before that sounds good to me and I actualy fired this set up full auto for a few belts.
I have to admit of evrything I fired I think the 1919 was the best to shoot and the best looking too. Only one bad thing about the trip,,, no surpluss ammo for sale, no big ammo vendor. I did talk to the guy from gun parts but no ammo. all in all worth the trip.

yes i did past this at a machine gun sight but I wanted to share it here too.
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