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Hello, new OHIO member

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Hello to All,

Ohio has another member present on this site now. I have been browsing this this for ideas and well I now own a WASR-10, so I thoguht I would join in on this board.

Hope you do not mind some questions from a newbie from time to time.

Always had rifles,shotguns, and revolvers, but never before a AK type semi-auotmaitic. Looking foward to learning and suggestions from you all here.
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Hello and welcome to Gunco.
Hello & Welcome

Ask whatever you want
Welcome Buckeye-47,
Lots of good info here as you have found.
Start saving , you'll need it for your next one or two ;)
Hello & :welcome:
Welcome Buckeye-47.....

And let's not forget Johnny_V, from Mentor, Ohio......
Hello Buckeye-47,
Welcome to the gunco group by an ex-pat Ohio dude (Tiffin).

VD in Arizona
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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