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IIRC, Soros was one of the backers of DA's candidacy.

Cash aids battle against illegal guns (ALBANY OFFERS CASH TO PEOPLE TO TURN IN OTHER PEOPLE)

Cash aids battle against illegal guns Albany to offer rewards for those who turn in people for possessing unlawful firearms

By CAROL DeMARE, Staff writer
First published: Thursday, December 30, 2004

ALBANY -- Albany police will begin providing rewards for information leading to the arrests of suspects with illegal guns.

Earlier this month, the Albany County Legislature approved a $180,837 state grant that includes $10,000 for the reward program in the city of Albany. The project will be run under Operation Impact, a state crime-fighting endeavor.

"Any individual who has information that another person has an illegal handgun, if they contact the Albany Police Department and give them the information the police will follow up, and if they get a gun, (the informant) will get a reward," District Attorney Paul A. Clyne said Wednesday.

Rewards could run between $100 and $200 once the firearm is seized and the suspect convicted, he said. Police will decide the amount. The program starts immediately, he said.

"We will have to see what kind of a response there is," Clyne said. "If the response is great, then the money will go quickly."

Operation Impact is a strategy involving crime-mapping and targeting resources, he said.

"One of the objectives is to reduce gun violence and that means getting guns off the street, and people in neighborhoods may have information as to who is carrying guns, and we are willing to pay for that information," the district attorney said.

Targeting illegal handguns was the hallmark of Clyne's four-year administration, which ends Friday. He campaigned on the issue of getting guns off the streets and sharply prosecuted those convicted of gun possession.

In 2003, only one county outside of New York City sent more people to prison for straight felony gun possession with no other charge involved than did Albany County, Clyne said. That was significantly larger Erie County, which locked up 33 felons. Albany sent 30 to prison.

Incoming District Attorney David Soares also has pledged to make illegal guns one of his targets.

The district attorney's office secured the grant, and "the lion's share of the money will be spent on police overtime," Clyne said. Some funds will be used to purchase a water tank for police to test-fire illegal guns, he said.


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Incoming District Attorney David Soares also has pledged to make illegal guns one of his targets.
And I'll bet if he has his way, they'll all be illegal.
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