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Hey from Indiana

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New to the forum. I think that boards like this will be greatly needed going forward. Glad to have all the information and resources to share and use together.

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Welcome Saracen.
Good to see another Hoosier
This is a great site.
Welcome to gunco!
Hello & Welcome
Hi saracen. Is that your Saracen in your avatar?
Hello & :welcome:
hello and welcome
enjoy your stay:)
Thanks everyone.

That used to be my baby in the picture. Had to sell to raise cash a while back...but one of my buddies has a similar one and I'm back saving towards another!
Any builders near Indy? I'm wanting to build my first AK, but I live in an appartment and have no tools. Maybe some one is planning a build party or some such? I live in Shelbyville and have no problem driving where ever.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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