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Hitler in a girdle

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Helen Thomas, that old shriveled up hag left wing kook "interesting" comment on the Jews in Israel.

[video=youtube;RQcQdWBqt14]]YouTube - Helen Thomas tells Jews to go back to Germany[/video]

I wonder if she is goose stepping in her office while she spouts this trash?
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Pulled from a comments page from a related article:

I thought Eva Braun was dead ?
I think Michael Savage said last night she was Armanian-SHE should go back!
Actually it is our fault about all this unrest in the Middle East. Hind sight is better. We should have given the Jews the whole country of Germany after the war for germany's
crimes against the jews. Then the aribs could fight and kill each other without anyone to blame. A little sarcasm here.
+1! Sarcasm, maybe, but I like the way you're thinkin'!
Just saw on the internet that the witch apopogized(sp) for the remark and was allowd to retire. Question. Was her apology real or was she just trying to save her job? I would say the second.
Well the old crow did give a half baked apology and I think was "forced" to retire. I am suprized she did'nt just blame her comments on the slight touch dementia that she is obviously suffering
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