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I needed a 5 round mag for a brolin shotgun and could not find one to buy. SOOoo I decided to try to build one. I found a CETME mag was a good thickness but too long. I ended up cutting it and rewelding it, I ground the lips back some and welded on two tabs at the front top. I welded a new positioned tab for the lock to hold the mag in. I bent a new follower out of stainless. Today did some fileing and bending and it now feeds great :smile: . I think I will make a plastic follower but other than that it is ready for paint. All it cost me was a $6.99 CETME mag and some time. good deal... fun and chalanging project... I like it.

I was going to weld two mags togeather to make a 10 round but it turned out to be complicated legaly. five rounds is fine and fits well into the cetme mag.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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