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home made mag ??

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I need a mag and have had no luck finding one :censored2 ..

lets face it a gun is no fun without a mag and I do not think I am going to ever find what I need to buy it. .... So I come to, make it myself. I have it all planed out and now it needs to be welded.

I have to ask dose anyone know if their is any law preventing me from fabrocating my own mag?? I allready assume it will have to be under 20 rounds, but I realy am not certain about this point. Anyone who can tell me if their is any restrictions about building my own mag PLEASE HELP .
thanks the hotbarrel
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It would have to be 10 rounds or under.. No new high caps...Yet???

What is it for, maybee some folks here could help find one???
Thanks mike, for some reason I was thinking 20 rounds...
this is a 12 ga shotgun. what I have is two CETME mags. I removed the reinforcement around the top. Cut the narrow front edge all the way down the middle. flatened out the edges, giveing me a u shape. then refold the front back along the first rib all the way down. tomorow I will weld it back togeather. I will have to weld on a small lock block in the rear, alter the feed lips some and grind out a large notch in the front for the shell to follow through. well I think ten rounds is plenty anyway
I have heard their are drums out their but that sounds a bit heavy.
NO !

The AWB uses 5+ rds as a qualifer to make a semi - auto an AW.

Other than that, no new shotgun magazines can be made that hold more than 10rds .............UNTIL SEPTEMBER.

So yes making a new 10 shot shotgun magazine is legal.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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