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Hotbarrel's Mishap

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Just wanted to let you guys know that hotbarrel, one of our key forum members here, had a mishap at work last night, getting badly burned on the hand with some hot oil. It looks as though he has suffered 3rd degree burns on his right hand, and the latest word I got was he'd be undergoing surgery sometime today to remove the burned skin on the back of his hand. hopefully eveything goes well for him, and maybe offer a prayer to help speed his recovery. He might be pissed at me for telling, but I thought you guys would be concerned , as I am.
I'll update everyone as I get more info.
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Bradd wants me to report to the men here that had wanted metal pots he was makeing. the pots are started but he will not be able to weld for some time, he has not cashed any checks yet because they are not finished. he said he will finish them soon as he can, but the welder will make the hand worse. he is very conserned about you that have paid and the delay, so if you want the check back I will put them in the mail, hpefully you can wate for him.. As for his burn, it is very bad. Teusday the doctors removed all the skin from the right hand, the plastic surgin is going to look this week and decide about moveing skin or putting on something synthetic.
Again he is very upset about not getting the work out on time , please understand.
thenk you AQB
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