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how to choise

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I see two mills in the harborfreight page. one is item # 42976-3VGA , it is a 12 speed, The second one is a TWO SPEED variable mini mill/drill machine.
they both are similar in size and price. Is anyone familiar with either or both of thies so I can get the better one. I am leaning to the 12 speed. anyone actualy seen either one of thies in person?? any help is welcome.
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In any machine you want to be able to get the lowest speed possible. In most small mills or lathes for that matter have high speeds. Ususally starting at around 160 to 225 rpm. IMO that is just to fast. You need something that starts at about 100 rpm or less.

Ideally your lowest speed for a mil should be around 40 - 60rpm and for a lathe 40-50rpm especially if you intend to thread barrels. Most of the equipment will have good high speeds.

Just remember, the slower the better. I hope that someone else will be able to comment more on this.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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