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Howdy y'all

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...New here, but not to the board or firearms scene. Got a freindly email yesterday and decided to swing through. I reconized quite a few of the names here from other places (one in particular). I go by Gbob01 on most boards, but fly under another moniker on gunsnet.
I run another gun board, but out of respect for this site and its management I won't link it in my siganture, unless they give me permission. (Not looking for any fights).
I'll try to join in the fray when I can, and hopefully we can all get along here.
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Welcome, and we're glad to have you here! Hey, if you've got good information to pass along to others, we're all for that. Most of us frequent many other boards and often share the urls with others in here so feel free to use it in your sig for other's here to see and visit as well.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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