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Hungarian FEG 9x18

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Though not C&R guns I recently acquired and added two Hungarian FEG handguns to the collection. One is the SMC-918 and the other is the RK-59 both in 9x18mm Makarov calibre.

SMC-918 (left) and RK-59 (right)

The FEG SMC model was the smallest pistol ever "legally" imported into the U.S. When K.B.I. observed the popularity of the SMC-380 in the U.S., it decided to import the 9mm Makarov version, the SMC-918. The Hungarians had made this model (with slight modifications) since the late 1950s, with importation beginning in late 1994.

The SMC-918 offers the 9mm Makarov cartridge in a package that is appreciably smaller and lighter than the Soviet-designed Makarov pistol or its derivatives. The SMC-918 is, in fact, the smallest pistol currently in production for the Makarov round. The price to pay is a gun that is easier to carry and slightly more difficult to shoot. Given its mission of self-defense, though, that's a compromise many buyers will surely find acceptable.

In 1991, Century imported about 3,000 RK-59s into the U.S. The small size of this gun makes it especially handy as a hideout gun, used mostly by high-ranking officials, pilots and various vehicle crews who occasionally need a pistol but are forced to work and fight in confined spaces. Handgun expert Leroy Thompson has argued that the RK-59 is perhaps the world's best military pistol, because it uses a fighting cartridge powerful enough to be taken seriously, yet is compact enough to carry comfortably on the person at all times.

A slightly improved version of the RK-59---the SMC-380---appeared in 1991. It's actually the same gun rechambered to the slightly less powerful, albeit better known, .380 ACP round. Its frame is still a lightweight alloy, but for commercial sales it is anodized black to match more closely the blued slide of the pistol. In its military version, the frame is left unfinished

Both the SMC-918 and the RK-59 magazines are limited to 6 rounds, however, both handguns will accept the 7-round PA-63 magazine. Both guns make for excellent self-defense "pocket rockets" although the RK-59 has a weaker aluminum frame that was resolved in the subsequent production of the BR-61 and PA-63 with the ddition of 0.1% titanium. Both guns have a reasonably decent trigger although some complain about felt recoil. I personally found them to be rather comfortable to shoot compared to most small handguns. I had no trouble feeding FMJ and HP ammo (including Hornady XTP). They are accurate shooters and lend themselves to being excellent deep cover and self defense firearms.

- Black Blade
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