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I just had a similar issue with sucko. they felt no need to call me. they packed the rong part in the box, so I called them and they said send it back. I said I should not have to pay the shipping when even the packing slip said 3006 and they sent a 7.62. finaly she agreed and said the UPS truck would come to my house to pick it up the next day. SSOOOOoo I called in to work took the day off to be their when the truck showed up. the next day at about 4:00 pm I saw the truck drive by at about 55mph. I went in and called SUCKO and the same woman said "OH yes UPS got an address at sterling not your address". they knew about it and they felt no need to even call me. then she said well I will send the truck back tomorrow, I wonder what work will think of me missing two days of work for this , not to mention one hour's work is more than the part is worth. After going back and forth a bit she said she would find out if she could just send me the rite part and I could hook up with UPS next time I had a day off. I gave her my phone # and she said she would call me back to let me know. AGAIN NO CALL .... :thumbsdow I hope this is not like sending food back at a restraunt. I do not want the worst POS part they can find. so much for customer servise :thumbsdow :thumbsdow
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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