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I built 7 firearms in one afternoon

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Well sorta, at least in the eyes of alphabet guy's.

I received Stitckerman's bending jig Friday, so I spent yesterday afternoon bending up 7 flats.
6 Tapco's and 1 FAC I've had hanging around for a while. All 7 came out perfect.

Stickermans jig does a fabulous job bending these flats, however setting them up is a royal pain in the kiester.
Setting them up by measuring is very time consuming and frustrating (have you ever tried to move something .002?)

On top of that, once you finally have it perfect, it changes when you tighten the plate.

After doing the first 3 by measurement, I decided to drill the jig to use locating pins.
After carefully locating a flat, I drilled the jig center piece for pins, what a relief, the last 4 went very quickly, and were right on the money.

Bending 7 flats, does not make me an expert on the subject, but I have a couple of observations as a guy whose been there, done that.

After seeing how much force is required to start the initial bend, I'm very leary of DPH's new jig base design,
His die looks very robust, even more so than stickermans, (although his works perfectly) but the base concerns me.

I would be afraid that the angle iron would tend to splay after a few bends, it appears to be only 1/4" stock, and with those huge notches on either end, there is nothing to hold the two sides parallel.
I don't know this as fact, it's pure speculation on my part.

Judging by how hard I worked my press, I would say it takes at least a couple of tons of pressure to start the bend.
I do like their full height center section, and that it's threaded instead of having to fumble with nuts.

I'm not sure why stickerman does not have locating pins on the jig itself. There are a couple of undersized pin holes on the bottom plate to get you in the ballpark, but man, it's a big freakin park when you're working in thousandths.

I know both of these are new products, and will certainly be refined as time and experience go on, both are proven performers.

But as they sit right now, I would say the ultimate bender would be DPH's die in stickermans base.


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7.62x39 said:
I'm trying to catch Winn, I'm not there yet, but I'm gaining on him.
Anybody remember the pic he posted of his receiver drawer?

Come on 9/14
You will have to buy a whole bunch more to catch up with Winn. If Winn, sees all the receivers that you bent, he will surely get a jig and then the race will be on!
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