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I have a question about tapco AMD kit

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Should there be a bushing for the trigger assembly axis pin?
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too bad lois will not give you a free part since she works for Centerfire and you bought from Tapco.
Yes there should be a bushing, but since most people replace the FCG with a USA made one anyway.....
10-4. Ill have to just call tapco and let them know I didnt any with my kits. Thanks!!

Just curious as to how you are going to achieve your parts count without the 3 US parts that a fire control group would give you? Not trying to be a cop, just curious.
I'm curious too.
The AMD is a tight squeeze anyway because most folks want to keep the original grips.
You didn't mention if it's a 63 or 65, but the 65 is even tougher because there are no buttstock or foregip options.
probably a 65, being from tapco...
Its a 65. And I am using a g2 trigger. My 1st Amd 65 kit included the bushing but the last two $59.99 kits did not include them(bushing). And just thought maybe you didnt need them anymore.
Well the g2 kit comes with a bushing (if we are thinking of the same thing)

Shown in the below picture from Left to right is
Hammer, Trigger, Sleeve(bushing), Disconnector

Now, if you are talking about spacer for the disconnector, shown in the below picture, that should not be used in a AMD 63/65 build using a G2 trigger group.

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Thats what I have on order. The spacer is not used on the amd's with the g2.

Once again, :thankyou: all.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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