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I need a new project...

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Hey folks,
I'm taking some machining classes at the local vo-tech college and I need a new project. I was looking at the Yugo grenade launching spigots and thought that would be a fun little thing to build, but I can't find any dimensions on the internet. If anybody has one and a set of calipers, could you pull some dimensions off of it for me? In return, I'll make a print using the dimensions so anybody that finds the print online and has a lathe can turn one out.
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Hello A-Rok,
I believe that the Yugo launcher spigot is 22mm (ie 7/8 inch NATO standard). That is also the US WW-II grenade launcher spigot size and M-16 flash hiders size !!! Very handy no ???

Perhaps you could scale the rest from a good picture. Wish I could be more helpful.

I got one that Hotbarrel made, if no one gets you the info before I can, I'll put up a pic with some measurements sometime over the weekend.
OK, here goes. Using an unissued Yugo spigot, starting at the rifle muzzle end and progressing to the spigot muzzle. D = diameter in inches, L = length of that diameter

D 0.725 L 0.420
radius cut to next diameter, about L 0.070
D 0.862 L 0.425, with a 0.070 deep plunge cut in the center 0.080 wide for the spring clip.
straight taper, L 0.265 to next diameter
D 0.596 L 2.535, centered knurling of L 1.445
straight taper, L 0.100 to next diameter.
D 0.862 L 1.760, with 4 evenly spaced plunge cuts with sharply sloped but not vertical sides 0.102 deep 0.160 wide at bottom and 0.195 at the top
45 degree taper to the spigot muzzle, about L 0.060
Spigot muzzle end D 0.785 outer D 0.570 inner, which then tapers at what eyeballs at a 60 degree taper to the internal spigot bore, D 0.318

Standard AK LH thread for L 0.500 at the rifle muzzle end.

OAL of 5.540 inches

HTH, let me know if clarification is needed on these measurements.
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sjohnson, that's perfect, very much appreciated. I need a new processor for my computer before I can install AutoCAD 2010, but after I get that sorted out I'll make a drawing of the spigot and post it on here. I'll also post pictures of spigot when I'm done. Thanks again pal!

iansstud, way ahead of ya!
Oh, and what purpose does the spring clip serve? Also, is there a recess milled into the base of the spigot for the muzzle device retention pin to engage?

Thanks again!
No detent, the spring serves to retain the grenade and is a split circle about 0.885 in diameter made of 0.060 wire.
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