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I put 24k rds of .45 reloads thru MkIV

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Series 70 1911 Colt, in 6 weeks, 1979, in prep for the World IPSC champs, in S Africa. I cleaned the gun 8x in that time period, and 2 of those times I normally wouldn't have bothered, but students wanted to see it done. I used nothing but WD-40 as a lube, and had no failures that could be blamed upon the gun. My Star Progressive never had its proper sliding wt for the powder hopper, and that caused me to load some rds either short of powder or with none at all. A couple of surplus GI mags quit on me, and I broke an ejector by shooting wax ammo and a firing pin stop by dryfiring.

I used the same 3000 rds of brass to load all that ammo, and never cleaned it the entire time. I used a carbide sizer die, and when it was all done, I had only 1000 rds of brass left, all bulged at the web. those 3k rds had each been fired at least 3x before I went to live at Harry's range, in a mess tent, in Bronaugh, MO. The bullets were my castings, using messy Tamarack lube, and the powder was Bullseye. Guys are basically fos about how often you have to clean guns. :)
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WOW WE I am impressed belayer. If we are all fos around here I can safetly say you must be empty cause you are dumping yours all over this board. ak'sr4me
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