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Been measuring the OOW and comparing it to a romy receiver.

I have two concerns!

1. If you square the receiver to the front of the trunnion, I have a gap from carrier rails to lugs of trunnion of a full .270.

2. And when I measure from tip of receiver to the ejector, I am long .087.
So I take it I should go by that and file off .087 from the front so as to square off the receiver with the trunnion.

So now I would be left with a gap from carrier rails to lugs by about .183.

Is that o.k.?

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I have built on many OOW's and the only thing thats an issue is that the front of them are just a tad long,

unsure of exact measurements of too long

although the front has to be trimmed once you get the trigger gard in place and a magazine or two to get the exact distance right on the front trunion, seems like it's about and eighth of an inch at the top and about half at the bottom, (give or take)

of course the only other issue is the selector lever hole is a bit low on the 7.62 and just right on the 5.45, small issue, but something to deal with on the safety issue.
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