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Interest in converting milled kits to work in stamped

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Occasionally I will see milled kits for sale at a very fair price. Most of the time the barrels are threaded and can't be used in a stamped receiver unless they are turned down on a lathe. I would imagine that there are probably quite a few milled kits out there that aren't utilized for this exact reason. Soon, I will have access to some very nice machining equipment, including some very expensive lathes. I have been thinking about buying a few of the milled kits and turning down the barrels so that I could use the kit with a stamped receiver. If I were able to turn down barrels for a very nominal charge, do you guys think there would be an interest in obtaining a batch of milled kits for this purpose?

What is the quality like normally on a milled parts kit? I have heard it is suppose to be superior, but have never owned a milled kit.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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