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Interest in converting milled kits to work in stamped

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Occasionally I will see milled kits for sale at a very fair price. Most of the time the barrels are threaded and can't be used in a stamped receiver unless they are turned down on a lathe. I would imagine that there are probably quite a few milled kits out there that aren't utilized for this exact reason. Soon, I will have access to some very nice machining equipment, including some very expensive lathes. I have been thinking about buying a few of the milled kits and turning down the barrels so that I could use the kit with a stamped receiver. If I were able to turn down barrels for a very nominal charge, do you guys think there would be an interest in obtaining a batch of milled kits for this purpose?

What is the quality like normally on a milled parts kit? I have heard it is suppose to be superior, but have never owned a milled kit.
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I have not attempted a milled kit build either, but I would imagine the kits would vary from very nice to not so nice, the same as they do with stamped kits.

From what I understand, the milled kits generally include the front receiver stub.
I've read threads where some have milled down the stub and used it as the front trunnion, which eliminates the need to turn the barrel.

I guess it just comes down to which you have access to, a mill or a lathe.
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