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Interesting AK pics with Western accessories

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From what appears to be a magazine photographer's blog. At first I thought these were airsoft, but these are apparently FSB troops with their various weapons. Interesting points are the accessories and sighting solutions for both the 9mm Vityaz and the AK-74M. Note the 5.45x39 75-round drum! Looks like Israeli M4-styled parts are popular (from TDI as I recall).

Of special interest in some of the other albums are the use of Western camo - multicam - and what appears to be the new Russian digital camo. It looks very close to MARPAT or CADPAT pattern.


Eotech + 3x zoom adapter on a picatinny-railed side mount; surefire flashlight:


Display of all the rifles, note the vertical half-height foregrips and the rail systems. Interesting muzzle brake, pistol grip, and stock choices:


Finally this magazine cover shows the TDI rail that we can get via AA-OK:

AK Aluminum - Metal RAIL Systems - AK RIS RAS RAIL SYSTEMS | AA-OK


All of this tactical stuff being used by actual Russian forces is quite curious.
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I have been considering a 3x addapter for my sons light weight hunting build with a red dot as well as for one of my hunting set ups.

Im doing a AR type stock on a build now with folding hinge so it will colapse and fold I need at least one mall ninja zombi killer LOL
What's that thing over the gas tube?
In that pic of mine from the AA-OK website, that is a designator. I don't think the Russians use those :) I only thing I've seen over the gas tube of Russian "tactical" AKs is an empty rail.
also looks like they are using magpul and vltor stocks.
so does this mean the ninjas are ahead of their time and we are dinosaurs unwilling to change.
also looks like they are using magpul and vltor stocks.
Pretty sure those are Israeli stocks (from TDI?) but they could be using all sorts.

TDI-Arms Arms Accessories

I'm sure that uber-rail at least is from TDI and not one of the cheaper clones.

I wonder if they are simply trying out what the West has to offer to see how they compare to their stuff. Kind of a test drive of sorts. I know that one T-shaped buttstock is supposed to be a prototype that folds and still lets you keep the scope in place, since as you know the standard side-folder stocks require you to remove the scope. That's where that uber-rail would come in handy!

Personally I'm not a fan of those huge muzzle brakes... kind of an AMD-65 style brake but more ungainly. Surely that would be more deafening than the standard style in an urban-style environment. You'd think they would want less gas deflected that way!
Makes you wonder if they aren't trying to sex-up the Spetsnaz
image. I think there is some real use for some of those accessories,
but really looking a bit over done on some of those rifles.
AHA yes that top one's DEFINITELY in those pics! Not seeing the VLtor one but they all look alike to me so who knows.

The more I think about that tubular AMD-65 style stock the more I like it. Folds with optic AND has adjustments ala the AR-style stock. If it is as solid as my AMD-65 stock that could be a real winner. Found a better pic of it, looks like it is made so it would have little wobble:

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Russian Mall Ninjas!!!! Maybe we can set them up with ours and we can watch them fight it out. Win, Lose, or draw....It would be a lot of fun to watch, and no downside!
OH NO!!! pookie's an AR guy!!!!!!!!!!!!
OH NO!!! pookie's an AR guy!!!!!!!!!!!!
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