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I wanted to post this concerning the service I have received from Interordnance! I know they have been "bashed" in the past, but they have certainly provided me with prodiucts that are exactly as described and with fast shipping too.

Last week, I ordered on the the AK-47 reconditioned kits and received it 2 days after I placed the order. The kit was totally non matching, but was great! The only problem was the rear trunnion was missing. I called the next day and let them know about it. They asked if I checked all the packing close and I had done that. They shipped a replacement the same day!

I just wanted to say that Interordnance has been a great supplier of parts, kits, etc. They have provided good products at a good price and super customer service. Thanks to Interordnance for being a quality supplier!!!
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What's the quality of the bore on the kit?
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