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Iraqi Tabuk DMR clone

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Howdy Everyone,

I'm a newbie here and I'm working on building a Tabuk DMR clone. I have several parts already, but need some help locating the following:

Yugo Metal Ferrul for lower hand guard
Yugo Buttstock recoil pad (New if possible) have used one
Yugo RPK cleaning rod
FCG Springs and one pin
Tapco G2 FCG (need best price location)
Yugo Metal Clip Thingy for inside of upper hand guard (sorry for ignorance here)
Yugo Pistol Grip (New if possible) have very used one
Yugo RPK Adjustable Rear Sight

I have all the other parts, so any help is much appreciated.

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Hotbarrel (a member here on Gunco) is making some new Yugo RPK cleaning rods. Look him up for those.

R Guns has a lot of those other Yugo parts available. Some people don't like R Guns, but I've ordered a bunch of M72 stuff from them a few times and never had any problems. The parts were good quality as well.
Thanks for the heads up. I'll try to contact hotbarrel about the cleaning rod.
You might want to try PM'ing him about the rods. He hasn't replied in the cleaning rod thread for a while now. I've heard he makes some really good stuff though.
I'm trying to get my thread posts to 10 so that I can IM him, looks like this is #10, so I'll IM him right now. Thanks
Well, I'm definately a newbie still. I tried to sent hotbarrel an IM and the system responded that I must be at 15 to IM hotbarrel. Apparently, you can IM moderators and admins after 10 posts, not everyone in the forum. Crap, well let's see what else I can post on this evening.
Yea, I believe it's 15 posts to PM. However, you're going about getting your posts in the right way. By contributing to the website by engaging in meaningfull and usefull conversations. Not spamming threads like a lot of other guys seem to do. Kudos to ya!
Hotbarrel does make quality stuff, but he's been busy with the new job so he doesn't get on here to often, hopefully your not in a hurry.
do you need a regular yugo m70 hg retainer? or an m72rpk? if you need m70 stuff the take a look on apex
I think the Tabuk barrel is the same as a Yugo AK? Just longer
The hand guards that I have are made by Ironwood Designs and they fit the M70 design. I have tried to find some of the parts on APEX, but the only thing that they have that I need is the rivet set for the Yugo. I did finally get to 15 posts, so I have sent Hotbarrel an IM about a Yugo RPK cleaning rod, which is the length that I need for an Iraqi Tabuk DMR clone. Have you guys seen a picture of one. They are very sexy in my opinion.
i just checked on apex and they have the hg retainer, the rear sight block and the front sight block. as far as a barrel copes was carring one for a while or maybe a guy could get a romanian rpk barrel and turn it down the the right profile, nodak has a us made flash hider. as far as the gas block... good luck. if i can think of anything else i'll let you know. just some of my ideas
Thanks for the heads up. :salute:
Ok, I finally located all of the missing parts that I need. Thanks for all the help guys. :hyper:
Hey ZREX, post some pics of your progress on the BIY Forum, please. Would love to follow along and check out what it takes to do a Tabuk clone. I just read an article on one recently and immediately loved it. Then again, I seem very partial to any of the Yugo's. TIA,

Sweet glad you found what you need, where did you find the gas block?
Ok guys, I'll try to get some pictures this weekend of what parts I have acquired. The gas block is something that I aquired from a guy on another forum. It was custom built by NoDak Spud, but they don't make them any more. You might want to contact Mike or Harlan at NoDak and see if they might have one hidden away somewhere or if they plan to make any in the future. R-Guns has Yugo RPK gas blocks, which I have seen some guys use with their Tabuk DMR builds. They don't look exactly the same but they are close. Another big issue with getting parts for this build will be the barrel. Cope's Distributing use to care custom built Tabuk DMR barrels, but they don't any more. I called them to see if they would be getting more and they said no plans to carry them any more. R-Guns has Yugo RPK barrels that some guys have had turned down to look like the Tabuk DMR barrel.
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Very cool when the yugo rpk barrel is turned down do you still have the cooling fins or is it turned down below those? If those are still there then a guy could always get a romanian rpk barrel from copes to turn down as it doesn't have cooling fins. One way to get a correct gas block is from a zastava pap m70 maybe if a guy wants to convert one of those to an m70 grenade gas block he would trade but who knows. Good luck I'm sure it will be a cool rifle when it's done
I can make these from your M70 parts.
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Pugwag, How do I get my hands on one of your front sight blocks? That's one part that I don't have. I was going to use the standard M70 FSB, but yours would be more correct for a Tabuk DMR as I understand it.
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