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Is a Chinese TOK type 54-1 a C&R pistol?

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I see in the list comunist china type 51 and type 54 pistols but I am not sure if 54-1 falls under that.
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i have a type 54-1 and it does not.
Yes I did look in that publication and saw this...

Chinese Communist, types 51 and 54 (Tokarev) pistols, cal. 7.62mm

I am wondering if this is inclusive for 54-1 pistols also or if it has to be called out as 54-1.

for instance... I recently sold a Model 62a from winchester .22 and it apparently falls under
Winchester, Model 62, cal. .22 rimfire, slide action repeater so this is why I ask about the Norinco.

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my 54-1 is a norinco. maybe the -1 is commercial.
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