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I have dealt mostly with non LEO Federal and state agencies all my business career. They are abusive and and completely untrustworthy. Most of the stuff they do has very little to do with carrying out the mission they were created for. Their regulations and enforcement are trumpeted in the media as great things, but are almost wholly worthless, and often irrational in the real world. Yet, they carry on.

Since most people do not deal with them, the average joe believes these agencies are doing good work protecting people from ________. They have no idea what these agencies are really like and I am sure it is no different when it comes to the criminal realm.

Of course, there is also a cadre of expert/consultants who make a great living dealing with these agencies. They have every financial reason to hope the stupidity and complexity continue. You deal with them so often and for so long you "go native" and inadvertently start thinking they are fine, maybe even good. Often, these experts started their career as part of one of the agencies before they went into the private sector.

Going native is something I have always guarded against....
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