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J&T Distributing

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My friend ordered an AR-15 kit from j&t. How are they to do business with? How timely is there shipping? Thanks.
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before the panic they were very good on shipping. i haven't ordered from them lately though. they should be pretty quick about order filling and shipping now--that is as long as some part is not on back order.

j&t makes excellent ar-15s. the don't get much good press over at the mall-ninja places cause they don't strictly go by the god like chart. their parts are generally made by double-star.

i have built a few and they were all excellent shooters.
Great company and quality parts, Call before placing your order online to see if everything is in stock. Shipping will be fast on in stock items.

Their parts are made in good ole Winchester, Kentucky!!
One of my 20 inch Upper Assembly came from them at a Gun Show in VA. Really cool people to deal with. Also purchased another Upper, grip, and other parts from them too. Pleasant, no BS. This may not be a popular opinion, but I don't enter beauty contest with my rifles, so I don't have to get the sexy parts. All of their part well within specs and work well.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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