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just a shout out to say hi

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im still kicking!!!!

life is good, the gun cabinet is full.
reestablished my old hobby....dirtbikes!! have 92 rm 99 yz and 04 crf
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Cephus said:
Glad to see your still kicking,Me to but not as high anymore jsut had a motorcycle accident aand still trying to heal some. Broke my rt.wrist a few bones in my lt. foot and roadrash all over mostly elbows and knees back aaand bothe arms up to the shoulders.I think that was my last ride,The wife says she's going to wait till I'm better then shoot me, you know she says I'm to old to do things like this and I'm starting to believe her.LMAO GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK!!!!!
OUCH!!! Glad to hear you're OK...
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