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Keep my cousin in your thoughts

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My cousin a Sgt. in the Marine Corps who got out in 2003 has been called back in for at least 1 year.

He's already sold his truck and stored his belongings with family members. He has to be in San Diego on the 31st of August to report for duty. He hasn't been told where or what he'll be doing, but I assume it will be Iraq.

He's a logistics specialist who worked with the SEAL's and the Flying Tigers in the past shipping their equipment and crap all over the world.

Who knows what he'll be doing this time. It might have something to do with the 7 carrier groups in the Pacific and the rumor of the blockade of
N.Korea and Iran starting Septemeber 1st.

Say a prayer or a nice thought for him. :salute: :troops:
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will do, haven't heard about the blockade - do you know any more of this rumor?
sniper69 said:
will do, haven't heard about the blockade - do you know any more of this rumor?

It started about 2 months ago.

Iran is about to go Nuclear weapons capable and N. Korea is their willing partner.

Iran has dis-obeyed the UN at every step on the nuke inspections. According to the rumor the UN is in agreement that the current government in Iran should not have nukes. The mullahs over there have stated publicly that they inted to nuke Israel when they get there missles up. I would provide links to the public statements, but I don't have them. I will dig some stuff up though.

Rumor says that the Aussie's, Brits, French, ***s, Germans, Pillipines, and several other countires are all joining this blockade. The rumor goes on to say that the Chinese have been the facilitator of this relationship between N. Korea and Iran.

If any of this is even remotely true we're are going to see a situation like the Cuba missle crisis come September 1st.

The rumor that Iran is so close to having a nuke it's become a crisis and
N. Korea could either attack the South any second in a desparate last gasp or the government there could fall. Either way it's not good for many.

This has been my hobby for the last 2 months looking up this stuff and digging up links.

The best way to hear about this info is John Loftus who is a guest on WABC radio around 10:30 every evening during the Batchelor & Alexander program.

Loftus has been about 95% correct on everyting he talks about. He was a lawyer and intell officer in the CIA. He now represents the CIA officers for legal issues. He was talking about Iran having an extensive nuke program back in 2002 before the media even thought of it.

He had all the info on Saddam when everyone thought Saddam was dead he was saying he wasn't. All the weird stuff that went on during the war he knew about before it broke. It was amazing to hear this stuff.

I still take it with agrain of salt though and the timelines do change for things.
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As with all of our troops serving this great country, I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. Please, if you see him, or talk with him on the phone, tell him thank you, from all of us here at Gunco.|top|08-11-2004::09:47|reuters.html

Part of Iran's intentions.

Recently Iran broke the seals the UN put on their equipment that only makes weapons grade material for nukes.

Iran is pushing the envelope.
All of our service men are in my prayers. But for a friend, I will double my efforts. Tell your cousin thank you for his sacrifice. He like so many are why I can sit here and enjoy my freedoms and this great county. God Bless America and the guardians of her freedoms.
Tell him good luck and be careful. Im a veteran of panama invasion. 3/75th. Our thoughts are with every soldier serving in the military and abroad. God bless him and keep us updated on his tour.
Best of luck to your cousin and many thanks for his service.
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