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Knob Creek

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Knob Creek this weekend!
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Be there or be square! ( If at all possible of course. )
Bring ear plugs!
Is it already cool Ill see if i can be there.
best gun show/ shoot anywhere. bring earplugs and lots of cash,well worth the drive ,from anywhere in the u.s.a. steveo
I'll be there friday!
Be there Sat. the night shoot is great to watch
3/4 inch of rain last night. I guess that means it will be another mudhole. At least it`s not supposed to rain on the shoot.
Is it already cool Ill see if i can be there.
You gonna be there friday?
Been there, done that for the last several years & got the Tshirts to prove it! The North Florida crew is going to have to miss it this spring & go in October due to money, time constraints & lack of money. Everybody else going, I am jealous....but happy for you as it is such a great time to be there!
Talked to my son today while at Knob Creek, he had good time that could have been better if he did not have the family - 4 kids - the grandchildren & wife. I suspect the
wife was there to keep the ( COSTS DOWN ) just to many temptations. He said on the
5th line shoot they got the whole back of the range on fire, but they got it out in 30min.
I wish I could have made it. I hope i'll get some pic's to post tomorrow of the shoot.
I'll have to see how to get cell phone Pic's posted.
leaving in about 8 hrs to run down....

hey 555th you and AL there yet?
I was there Friday and had a good time. Some good deals. Good used AR15 mags for $5 each. The crowd seemed very light compared to a few years ago. A little muddy but I got in ok.
I was there Friday it was muddy. they made me park down in the frog pond or as they
call it the bottom parking lot-glad i was in the 4wheel truck. Man i love watching that
old boy with the GE on the end (Mini Guns Rock) on full tracer - some good deals and
some trying to shaft ya
Ryland Fleet (ACME gadgets) told me that everytime that guy fires that mini gun up he holds the price of .308 from going down. LOL

shame they dont make that in 54r.
Once again I cant be there so you guys have some fun for me and buy some cool stuff that I wish I could have. Maybe next time!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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