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Large orders of 5.45x39???

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I'm lookn to spend $1500-2000 on as much 5.45 as I can get. Any advice on who will work with me on bulk pricing and shipping cost? I have a comercial adress it can ship to, will truck freight be much cheaper?
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I bought three crates of 5.45x39 from Rguns and it took a fair amount of time to receive, but they were the cheapest at the time. You might checkout AIM Surplus, they ship in a more timely manner. I would give them a call and ask.
Please don't put the same thread in multiple sections.

Someone mentioned in the other thread to try AIM Surplus, they have it for $120 a tin if you order two or more tins.
I think century ships for free over $500....
Yeah, but century is out of its 5.45. and they don't deal well.
AIM has it for 119.95 a can if you buy 2 or more. I have no idea what the shipping would be. I think R Guns has theirs for 249.00/2160, again I have no idea what the shipping would be.
I bought a bit of 5.45 from AIM about a year ago and was charged about $45 to ship 2160rds.
Call Misty at Copes.

she'll work with you.
Yeah, see if they'll give you the 7.99 flat rate shipping on 100 cases. ;)
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