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I can see the advantages of "last round bolt hold open" chamberibg new round when fresh nagazine inserted, enabling faster reloads.

Call me lazy if you wish, as I'd prefer advantages with faster magazine reloads. I'm not so sure about lazy as it takes a lot of work designing and building modifications to M70 AB2 AK-47 variant parts kit semi-automatic build, I'm presently constructing.

I'd prefer avoiding external modifications to safety lever selector that I've seen some make to their AKs to create a version of LRBHO.

I realize it's their rifle they've built to personal preferences, and if others don't like their modifications, they don't like mods and that's their issue to deal with, I get that.

I would personally prefer avoiding open space and safety lever selector dirt could find entrance.

I'd rather design, build and test something internal activated by Yugo bolt hold open follower on magazine, which would then release bolt as a new magazine was fully inserted, stripping and chambering a round from fresh magazine.

Sorry to be rude, but I really just don't care what anybody else thinks about this feature. I'm building rifle for my personal preferences and use, not somebody else's desires beliefs or contemplations.

What I can see going forward with LRBHO concept is an internal lever, spring loaded to be out of bolt travel's way until actiuvated by magazine follower.

A second lever could be set to deactivate LRBHO as fresh magazine comes into final locked/latched position. As a bolt travel forward it would strip a round and inserted into chamber.

Will take some tinkering, home gun crafting, trial & error/development to make something suiting my purposes and to reach a satisfactory performance level I will be content with.

I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to commercially produce bolt hold opens for the public, once I build one for my rifle, I'm done.

However, I see absolutely no reason why I couldn't share what I've done so that others who are interested in following this path can bypass development time.

I'm informed on this and other like
forums, many of the most popular build tools and modifications have gotten their start.

I do not have a "business bone" in my entire body, and if someone wants to produce their variant of LRBHO, more power to them in developing for commercial sales.

I have no desire, inclination nor interest in following this path, as that is not my thing.

I would enjoy discussing differing ways to accomplish LRBHO, which chambers a round when new magazine inserted.
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