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We can thank Slick Willy for this.

Lawsuit Filed in Abortion Pill Death
By Jeff Gannon
Talon News
December 23, 2004
(Talon News) -- The parents of a teenager who died after taking the RU-486 abortion drug have filed a lawsuit against the maker of the pill. Holly Patterson died in September 2003 after suffering severe abdominal pain and bleeding.

Monty Patterson, Holly's father, told the Contra Costa Times that the lawsuit is their latest effort to draw attention to the risks associated with mifepristone. He indicated that his motivation for the legal action is not money or notoriety.

He said, "We've basically been doing a lot of work all year to bring about awareness and question the safety of this drug, and have been working on a lot of fronts."

The Pattersons petitioned Congress in support of legislation to prevent further sales of the drug while it thoroughly investigates safety issues. Monty Patterson also had a meeting with Food and Drug Agency officials before the agency revised warning labels on the drug packaging.

He said, "I don't think this drug is safe, and if it's not, it needs to be removed."

At least three deaths have been attributed to the drug manufactured by New York-based Danco Laboratories. The company and a Planned Parenthood abortion facility near San Francisco that gave Holly the drugs are named in the wrongful death and product liability suits. Also named is the Population Council, a pro-abortion group holding the patent rights to the drug and ValleyCare Health System, which operates the hospital where Patterson died.

Over 600 reports of problems with RU-486 have been submitted to the FDA. Those complaints led to an extensive revision to the warning label information on the drug's packaging.

Concerned Women for America (CWA) commended the family of Holly Patterson for their filing of a lawsuit.

Wendy Wright, CWA's senior policy director, said, "This is a well-deserved lawsuit against those allegedly responsible for a young woman's tragic death. Holly Patterson paid the ultimate price for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) buckling to abortion proponents' pressure to approve a drug that has only one purpose -- to kill a human being."

She added, "Population Council conducted substandard, biased trials on RU-486, Danco knowingly distributes it to abortionists that violate the requirements, and Planned Parenthood treats women like Holly as collateral damage in their pursuit of more abortions."

CWA raised all these points to the FDA in a petition urging the agency to take corrective action.

Wright continued, "The recent revelations of the FDA's negligence with other drugs corroborates what Concerned Women for America already exposed about the agency's treatment of RU-486. One difference, however, is the role that abortion enthusiasts played in demanding that access to RU-486 take precedence over women's health."

"Holly Patterson is not the only young woman who has suffered from the abortion industry's callousness. We hope that the Pattersons' boldness will encourage other family members of RU-486 victims to come forward and hold accountable those responsible for the injuries of their loved ones."

When it was announced last year that the FDA was reviewing the circumstances surrounding Holly Patterson's death, White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan told Talon News, "The president believes we ought to build a culture of life in America. He believes that people on both sides of this issue can agree that we need to work together to reduce the number of abortions."

McClellan added, "The president has always expressed his concern that what's most important is the safety of women, and that continues to be a priority for him."

FDA approval for RU-486 was expedited under the Clinton administration through a process that is reserved for drugs used to treat life-threatening illnesses like cancer and AIDS. The FDA approval process being scrutinized in the wake of the voluntary removal by Merck of its pain medication, Vioxx from the market may lead to an investigation that would focus on the circumstances by which the abortion pill was rushed through the approval process shortly before the 2000 elections even though it did not qualify for such treatment under FDA rules.
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