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Left-Eye Dominant Scope Mount

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FINALLY! My wife's left-eye dominant traits have been an issue when she tries to shoot anything built for a right-eyed shooter. Keep in mind she has a VERY hard time finding the sight picture on any rifle. On her P90 I have a red dot offset to the side so she can get on target. She's NEVER been able to get a good sight picture with an AK other than the AK pistol which she "claims" is hers. :)

Not any more.

I may lighten it some more. I wanted a solid, vibration-free mount that would be good for the bench shooting that she does. It is boresighted at 25 yards and we need to get it to the range to see how it performs. I also need to put some actual "scope mount quality" screws on the mounts and clean up that area some. She's rough, but I think she's probably 90% where it needs to be.

It may look odd, but it is surprisingly "centered" for a left-eye dominant shooter. I set the height and offset by having her hold on a target and measuring the offsets so it is a "custom" fit to her view. If I force my right eye closed it feel "correct" to my left eye if that makes any sense.

That's a DPH Beryl-style rail. VERY solid rail - I may get some more of these for some other builds! :)

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I'm right-handed but left-eye dominant. Yes, I'm weird :) Anything that works for left eyes should be a help.
That's a solution I've not seen before...

I thought the P90s were supposed to be completely ambidextrous. How is she having trouble with that? Or is she shooting it right-handed and trying to get her left eye in line with the sight?
Yeah I wanted to do something a little different. She isn't ever going to use this but at the range. Quick-mount screws from some aftermarket rings I had laying around, so it should return to zero no problem.

She can't do anything left handed... extremely left-eye dominant in her case! Whenever she slaps me its always with her right hand :rofl:
I am also right handed but left eye dominant. The only thing I do left handed is shoot rifles. Sometimes....
I thought most people in this scenario wore shooting glasses with the black dot on the left lens to force the right eye to take over.
My wife would have a conniption if I made her try to wear an eye patch :) This is my effort to make it enjoyable for a "non shooter" person.
That doesn't really work very well. It stops you from shooting "cross-eyed", but if your right eye is weak, you're S.O.L. for hitting anything.
I'm rt handed and lost my rt eye to a acid burn in 95.The Kobra reddot works great for me as it was ment for the left eye.For other scope setups,I use hi-rise see thru scope mounts so I can keep shooting rt handed.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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