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Like drunken sailors?

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Makes you wonder :rofl:


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Being a former sailor I agree with that, besides it was required to keep up the tradition of the submarine service!!
i suppose the way the government is throwing money away actually make a drunken sailor look pretty thrifty.

besides the sailor is spending HIS money.

the GOVERNMENT is spending/wasting OUR money!
As a current sailor, I will have to agree with the news clipping
My buddy, former Navy. Told me the Canadian Navy has bars on their ships.
I was only out to sea once in a sail boat with no booze on board.
With all that water around all I could think about was a cold beer.
Soon as the boat docked I dove in the window of the nearest bar.
The American Navy should do like the Brits. Hell give the guys a pint of rum a day. Make for a happier crew.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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