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Lima Gun Show-Brown Bear and UTG

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Spent the day at the Lima Gun Show. Picked up 500 rounds of Brown Bear 123 Grain FMJ 7.62x39 for $115. Cheapest I found there today. Wolf FMJ 7.62x39 was $120. Seen tins of surplus for $120-$250. While not as cheap as it was a few years back still cheaper than Dunham's at $5.99(on sale) to $7.99 reg. price per box. Online is sometimes better if you can get free shipping.

I picked up a Leapers MNT-978 Quick Detachable Double Rail AK Side Mount and a Leapers UTG Premium Commando Red Dot Sight 30mm Tube 1x 5 MOA Red and Green Dot. While not top of the line, i wanted just to see if using this type of setup would help with accuracy being it will have a longer site radius over using the metal sites. Spent about the same as Midway has them for.

I mounted it when I gothome and found that the side mount was VERY tight to move onto the Wasr-10 side rails. I made sure the mount was as loose as I could make it and still had to help it "slide" on with a rubber mallet:wow:. Seems to be lossing up the more I keep putting it on and taking off. Hopefully this was normal as there never was a side mount on my Ak before.

Anyone else have this setup? Good/Bad or other?

Just became a member a few weeks ago, so go easy on me! LOL
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