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Long legged Mack Daddy

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I didnt know where to post this so I put it in jokes because it cracked me up.. Although its hilarious its also true. Its like a train wreck, once you start, you cant stop watching.

Click here on Louisiana Gun
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I love this guy!! Thanks!!
I looked up the meaning of "long legged Mack daddy". It's like a smooth charismatic King of pimps. Sounds like Dr Manning hit the nail on the head!
I enjoyed several things about the Mack Daddy link.

1.) Its a black guy dissing Obama. If a white guy did that, it would be instant calls of racism from the left wing commie democrats.

2.) Its got a good old pentecostal church type presentation. Had me saying Amen Brother Manning! Praise Jesus! Go tell it on the Mountain!

3.) After some research, I dont think Id ever send any money to Dr Manning in Harlem, but he did call this one right! As the previous post from Rich said...."He hit the nail right on the head!" Rich, I wholeheartedly agree!
Dr Manning is the shit. He has a court date set for the mac daddy too. Somehow, I forsee an fta.
Dr Manning is also on public record stating he has no intention of commiting suicide.
Check out some of his other videos, he's on the right side of history.
I watched some of Dr Mannings other videos a few days ago. Liberal Blacks must hate him, but I can't see them calling him an "Uncle Tom" like they do the Tea Party Blacks! Was also tempted to buy one of the "Obama is a long legged mac daddy" T-shirts just so I could wear it to gun shows and around my liberal co-workers. It's like Wanda Sykes said, "If Obama succeeds, he's Black - but if he fails, he's just a damn mulatto!".
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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