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lopsided gas block??

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So I was cleaning and preping a romy barrel for blueing and noticed how lopsided the gas block is I looked at a few of my other builds and they look fine. Is it a defect or just a romy-G


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Looks like Simu was hungover that day!
Well, romanians and metal don't go together that well. It's like they're drunk every time they go to the gun factory...

Case in point, my PSL, the chrome lining in the barrel is only on the lands, the grooves are blued, the mag catch is too short making the rifle fit SVD mags rather than PSL mags [ended up just "fixing" the mags rather than the rifle...], the gas block is soo far canted that it is a good 10 degrees off, and the front sight base was around 5 degrees off. Oh, and the burrs at every place there was a sheared edge/drilled hole.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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