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lowers how low will they go? $59.95!

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Surplus Arms & Ammo LOW15 Stripped AR Lower Receiver

AIM has these lowers for $59.95

this is a new low for retail --except for when R-guns was selling those sharps lowers for $55 and that ammo place that is selling thos aero P lowers for $55 if you buy 100!

don't know if these lowers are any good. i figure they are or AIM wouldn't be selling them. the don't look half bad.

i think the lower market is showing sings of hitting bottom. it might be getting close to stock up time--
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I wounder if it's same company make for these Aero-15 Lower
Both are made by Surplus Ammo and Arms, LLC out of Lakewood, PA according to the lower stamps!
i think it IS the same lower as the aero-15 it just has had the roll marks changed!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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