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build up the top rear of slide, dovetail in a real rear sight, silver solder a ramped front sight onto the barrel, and reforge the trigger to a more acute radius, to remove the overtravel. A .5"longer barrel is available for $65, from GunsNStuff, and a tube can be threaded onto it, with the front sight soldered onto the tube.

You can make the longer, Taurus PT22 mag work in the Beretta, and its fingerest helps you hold the gun better, as does stippling the frame straps.

At 11 ozs and 5" long, the M21 is an ideal trail-kit gun. I prefer to extend the thumb safety lever forward by 3/4", making it much easier to manipulate, and use it for 22 practice as pocket-draw, so I don't have to beat up the pocket-Star very much. I fire it about 200 rds a year, the M21 about 2000 rds a year. The 9mm lw Commander sees about 2000 rds a year. The .45 Commander sees maybe 500 rds of live ammo, 1-2k rds of primer only wax a year. The .22 Colt 1911 unit sees maybe 3-4k rds a year, as does the AR-22 unit. 500-1000 rds per year of 223, and that is that, for realistic combat skills.90% of the non-accidental hitting in rifle combat occurs at 100m or less, and a lot of missing is done at 25m or less. :) With the pistol, 10 ft covers 99+% of civilian justifiable self defense.
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