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M38 or M44

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I'm thinking about ordering a second Mosin to complement my 91/30. Which should I get, a M38 or M44? I know the M44 has the side folding bayonet while the M38 does not, but what other difference are there? Has one seen battle while the other has not? Is one usually in better condition than the other? Just looking for any reasons why I would get one over the other.

BTW, I may eventually get both but I may not. I'm trying to set myself a Mosin limit.
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Do you deal with SOG much? I have heard mixed reviews about their products. If I get any more Mosins, it will be from Aztec but I was just wondering about SOG for other future purchases.

As for the M38 vs M44, well I think I will go with the M38. Seems as if the M44 is more common, so pretty much just getting the M38 because it is different. Besides, I like the history of the older Mosins knowing that they may have seen war time use. Now to rake up that $$ :smile:
Since the 91/59s are cut down 91/30s, do you find some with hex recievers? How about ones that are pre-1930?

I just checked I do not see them advertised any longer. Do you know if they are out?
I cannot find a 91/59 at all, not even on Gunbroker.
Those laminated M38's sound pretty nice. Man, I really need to get my C&R.

Few West Virginians around these parts. I'm from Charleston.
Bluejack said:
I think I maybe order one of these today
I am from New Martinsville
Going for the AIM M38? Once recieved, post some pics if possible.
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