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M38 or M44

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I'm thinking about ordering a second Mosin to complement my 91/30. Which should I get, a M38 or M44? I know the M44 has the side folding bayonet while the M38 does not, but what other difference are there? Has one seen battle while the other has not? Is one usually in better condition than the other? Just looking for any reasons why I would get one over the other.

BTW, I may eventually get both but I may not. I'm trying to set myself a Mosin limit.
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The AIM has new Laminated Stock M38 with all match number for $79.99,
I guess this is place where All West Virginia Mountaineers haug out.
I think I maybe order one of these today
I am from New Martinsville
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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