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M59 is in...

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My Yugo M59 SKS came in today, after having it re-routed to my office.
Upon initial inspection, everything looks great. Definately would rate it a VG condition. Got some light dings in the otherwise really nice wood. Metal finish is probably at least 85-90%, and possibly better, although the cosmo is keeping me from getting a better look right now. Samco was the importer, and they did an excellent job of hiding the import mark (small) under the cleaning rod. All numbers (bolt, receiver, stock)are matching. Bayo blade on this appears to be blued, unlike the 59/66 bayo that was left in the white. Got alot of cleaning on this one, but I snapped a couple pics anyway.
Please forgive the pic quality, it is all I could do with my cheap camera and the sun going down.
I'm putting them in as a link as I don't know if they will fit the size requirements.
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Oldgunner said:
Looks good man, better than my Yugo did. I've never seen a blued bayonet before, does anyone know if that's common on this model?
Seems to be - my M59 bayo is also blued
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