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Magazine Dimiple?

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I have ordered an ACE blank and from the pictures I dont think it has what I think is called a "magazine dimple". I have read on the forum there is some kind of jig for creating this? Where do I get such a jig and is the dimple necessary?

thank you

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This was posted at jig for sale Also machman is a member here at gunco. Sending him a PM may be easiest.

I now have a fews sets available for delivery.

This is a fixture that I have created to make dimples in prebent blanks. I can only recommend using this set on blanks that do not have the magwell cutout. Also, this set cannot be used if the front trunion is installed. A press is definatly recommended but not required. A good vise can be used. Also, a good magnet like a Mighty Mag is very helpful in keeping everything lined up.

I have achieved great results with this set. Each set will be shipped with a basic instruction sheet. Cost for each set is $40 including shipping via Priority mail with delivery conformation. MO or paypal accepted. $40 INCLUDES SHIPPING.

I will be glad to answer any question. Please PM me for availabilty of a set. Let me know how you want to pay when you respond. Paypal or MO. Respond by PM or here on this post. I have a filter on my E-mail and might not get your E-mail for a couple of days.


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