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Magazine Dimiple?

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I have ordered an ACE blank and from the pictures I dont think it has what I think is called a "magazine dimple". I have read on the forum there is some kind of jig for creating this? Where do I get such a jig and is the dimple necessary?

thank you

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Most of the lower rails that are available have an extra bend on the bottom that serves to support the top of the magazine. The function of the dimples and extra rail bend help keep the magazine from wiggling around which could cause alignment problems with the stripper lug on the bolt.

Because of the extra bend on most lower rails, you do not need the dimples. However, some folks consider the dimples to be necessary for proper AK appearance. The dimples do add an extra dimension of detail to a homebuild, but aren't necessary. If you do want to put magwell dimples on your builds, the jigs made by Machman and HCPookie will both get the job done.

Machman sells his jigs for a pretty reasonable price. HCPookie is currently moving all of his belongings to a new town (due to a new job) and said he should have his site back up soon. HC has pictures of his dimple jig for others to use as an example to build their own. Both jigs can be used in a big bench vise or with a hydraulic press. They may even be usable with a hammer...
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