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Medicare fruad - gangs with assualt weapons

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Seems there is no end to the bad rep guns get. Now the federal government is arming its medicare fruad investigators also known as OCR - Office of Civil Rights. These investigators are as armed as any swat team - 45's and m4's body armor you name it.

The reason given is gangs that are stealing from medicare are arming themselves with easily bought assualt weapons. In Cali they found 50cal rifles in one doctors office. In other states caches of assualt weapons etc.

You can bet this is the kind of thing the Obama administration will use to take our guns away.

Medicare Fraud: Federal Investigators at War with Armed Violent Crime Gangs - ABC News
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So true-they'll come after OUR weapons and the punks and thieves will still have theirs!
WOW - just wow - how are they going to fix this? Doesn't seem "fixable" unless they round all these people up, but someone else is going to step in once they do.

Medicare fraud has become very big business for gangs, members of the Mafia and other thugs. One estimate suggests that criminals steal some $60 billion from the federal government via healthcare fraud every year.

They commit the fraud by recruiting people with clean records who then apply for Medicare vendor licenses. Websites walk them through the process, step-by-step.

"It's so easy to steal from Medicare and Medicaid, it attracts a violent criminal element so they can cash in on their schemes," said Tim Menke, the chief of investigations for the HHS Office of the Inspector General.

Schemes include setting up phony medical equipment companies which then rip off taxpayers by billing for services never rendered and equipment never actually delivered.

Criminals Make Death Threats, With Millions at Stake
Many of the criminals are armed to the teeth to enforce their authority. Undercover surveillance footage shows members of an Armenian gang in Los Angeles as they confront an accomplice suspected of skimming their profits in a $30 million Medicare fraud scheme. The gang members threatened to kill the man.

"You and me, we're going to have a war tonight," said a man on the tape. "Two hundred thousand [expletive] dollars, it really matters."
if you think this is bad wait till the big O pounces on wall-street!
Medicare fruad
This is what that Health Care Bill should have been for, I bet health care costs would be cut in half if they weeded out the crocks.
I kept looking for a "The Onion" logo, but the page kept insisting it was
ive always said, go ahead and make a criminal outta me. felons get all the full auto's they can buy. way cheeper too.
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