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mid to long range AR

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i'm setting up my AR for mid to long range (because i'm getting and AK for close range) i was wondering what kind of optic to choose that would not break the bank?
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I guess it would depend on if we are talking 'piggy bank" or US Bank :)
It would help narrow the choices down some if you could be a little more specific,fixed or variable,reticle choice,etc
Look in to the Vortex line of scopes,clear glass,good CS,and prices.
The Bushnell 4200 series are worth a look as well.
Another choice,since Leupold has started producing the Redfield line again,they are priced well for decent glass.Got the opportunity to look through one recently,not bad considering the price point.
Check out Wonder Optics. They carry a good selection of excellent tactical scopes. They have their own brand called WOTAC and they are probably the best deal out there. I have two and love'm!!

They also carry Falcon Menace scopes...another excellent deal.

If you want to spend more, they carry some other excellent scopes.

Here's the page:

WOTAC Rifle Scopes

If you call, you'll likely be talking to Glenn Wonder, the owner....great guy and very helpful.
I haven't played w/ a WOTAC yet but I'll check into one. Personally, so far, I think the Super Sniper is the best scope out there in that price range. I've found them to have reliable tracking and withstand a beating.
SWFA Riflescopes SWFA SS Rifle Scopes
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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