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mill - lathe combo

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I am now looking to buy a mill - lathe combo. I have seen what northern has in their big catalog and I am not too hapy. they have a pretty nice MINI lathe for $400 I would buy it if it was a combo. however the only combo machine they have is not anyware as good. it cost like $900. If you look at the combo even the end of the large screw is only supported on one end, it just looks poorly built. if it was like the mini lathe I would go for it.
Anyone have a combo machine that they would recomend??
I realy want a combo ,, oh yes I would like to stay under 1300 but I will look at anything if it is nice enough.

thanks THE hotbarrel
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Here ya go! I'm going to tack another $300 onto your purchase...

Ain't I a nice guy!

Since the machine in your link is a lathe/mill combo, you can use the mill version of the Shumatech and cover everything.

A digital readout for the compound travel is a different story. It would be tough to mount a scale because of the adjustable angle. There wouldn't be an easy way to mount the readout portion of the scale and have it pivot and maintain zero. It could be done, just not easily with the scales used for the Shumatech DRO.

So when are you going to order the lathe/mill?? nudge nudge wink wink
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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