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mill - lathe combo

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I am now looking to buy a mill - lathe combo. I have seen what northern has in their big catalog and I am not too hapy. they have a pretty nice MINI lathe for $400 I would buy it if it was a combo. however the only combo machine they have is not anyware as good. it cost like $900. If you look at the combo even the end of the large screw is only supported on one end, it just looks poorly built. if it was like the mini lathe I would go for it.
Anyone have a combo machine that they would recomend??
I realy want a combo ,, oh yes I would like to stay under 1300 but I will look at anything if it is nice enough.

thanks THE hotbarrel
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who's your buddy, hotbarrel?
did you order the welder?
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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